The science of life is declared to be eternal because it has no beginning, because it deals with tendencies that proceed innately from nature and because the nature of matter is eternal." Caraka Samhita

"Ayur" means life and "veda" means knowledge. So Ayurveda literally means the "knowledge of life".

The goal of Ayurveda can be summarized by the following sloka

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"Both my daughter Sherlyn and I are very thankful for the good care and the calm atmosphere of the clinic. The entire staff is thoughtful and efficient and we enjoyed the affectionate cheerfulness of everyone. Congratulations to Dr.Anil Kumar and his staff for their commitment to good service.”

Carolyn W Parpia

“It is my pleasure to be here as it helped me to reduce my weight and maintain a good diet. Everyone working here are very good and helpful in nature. All are well trained and have knowledge about what they deal with. Thank you all.”




   Specialist consultation by Dr. Anil Kumar and his specially selected team of Ayurvedic practitioners.

   Panchakarma therapies by therapists that have received intensive training.

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